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Improving Fulfillment in Work and Corporate Dynamism


Social and environmental issue outlook for 2030

Many economies around the world, including Japan, are expected to see labor shortages. As industrial structures change, there will be imbalances in the type of labor force needed. There will be labor shortages in some areas and more mismatches between the skills people have and the skills jobs require. By 2030, a total labor shortage of about 100 million people is anticipated in the countries that make up the top 70% of global GDP.
Many jobs will need to be performed using technologies such as robotics and automation. This will occur not just on the manufacturing floor, but in offices as well. While it is important to increase productivity with technology, human creativity must also be fostered to solve the global labor shortage.

Opportunities for Konica Minolta to create value, and risks to be minimized


Through Konica Minolta businesses
  • Improving productivity of customer organizations and increasing time for creativity by providing work-style solutions using digital technology
  • Improving productivity and employee engagement in the supply chains of customer organizations by providing products and services that transform the workflows of frontline workers
  • Eliminating labor shortages and strengthening cyber security by eliminating the gap in IT access faced by small and medium enterprises

Internal action to create value
  • Realizing the full potential of human resources, who are the source of new value, and creating organizations where individuals thrive


Affecting Konica Minolta
  • Mismatches between employee skills and their work due to rapid changes in systems and environments
  • Declines in employee diversity, independence, and ability to innovate due to stagnated efforts to create workplaces that promote diversity



Vision for 2030 and Medium-Term Sustainability Strategy 2022

Medium-Term Sustainability Strategy 2022 Vision for 2030 Related SDGs
Businesses Increasing customer productivity and making time for creativity Increase labor productivity for corporate clients, society, and Konica Minolta. Make time for creativity, and promote workplaces where all individuals can thrive.
Internal action Improving employee engagement and making the most of human resources globally

Konica Minolta's Approach

As work styles become more diversified, Konica Minolta looks to provide solutions that increase productivity and enable creativity-inspiring work styles in diverse locations, while enhancing personal motivation, fulfillment in work, and corporate growth. Specifically, by utilizing options like Intelligent Connected Workplaces,* on-demand production, imaging IoT, and reducing the amount of time spent on basic tasks, Konica Minolta is helping customers to improve their productivity and shift their focus to creative work. By combining imaging IoT and digital technologies, Konica Minolta can make the inefficiency hidden in a customer's workflow visible. Moreover, the company can take a close look at the customer's workflow and provide services tailored for its particular business. With these capabilities, Konica Minolta will help customers to increase productivity and make time for creativity, while also helping to minimize the disadvantages in terms of IT access, recruitment, and entrepreneurial opportunities.
At Konica Minolta itself, the emphasis will be on realizing the full potential of human resources and empowering individuals to thrive and produce new value. Konica Minolta will do this by developing workplaces and a corporate culture where individual employees can reach their full potential with a sense of personal motivation and engagement.
* Intelligent Connected Workplace: A smart work environment that connects people and information, and where value can be created by anyone, anytime, anywhere

Businesses: Increasing Customer Productivity and Making Time for Creativity

●Improving customer productivity and creativity through work style reform and decision-making support

●Making time to provide care services by streamlining care staff workflow

●Shortening lead time compared to conventional processes through on-demand production

●Making time for creativity by automating the inspection process at production sites

Internal Action: Improving Employee Engagement and Making the Most of Human Resources Globally

●Promoting diversity and inclusion

●Establishing “new normal” work styles

●Fostering a culture where people are encouraged to take on challenges, and building workplaces where people feel secure

●Practicing global talent management

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