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Addressing the Pandemic

First of all, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the families of those whose lives were lost to COVID-19. I pray that all those suffering from the virus will recover as soon as possible. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to all the national and local government officials working to minimize the spread of infection, and to everyone on the medical frontlines working day and night to treat patients.
People around the world are now facing a kind of uncertainty many have never experienced before. The COVID-19 pandemic, which spread across the planet in a matter of weeks, has changed society. In most countries, citizens have been asked to restrict their daily activities, and the business operations of companies in many sectors have been severely curtailed.
At Konica Minolta, we have addressed this crisis by doing all we can to prevent the spread of the virus, giving top priority to safeguarding the health and safety of group employees and their families, while also offering support to many customers who are directly combatting the pandemic. For instance, we donated ultrasonic diagnostic equipment to hospitals in Wuhan, China, during the lockdown there. We also provided non-contact, real-time systems for measuring body surface temperature to customers around the world. These efforts were initiated from the bottom up by group employees at individual sites. I think this demonstrates who we are at Konica Minolta. I am proud that our employees have a sincere desire to make a difference in the world.
Konica Minolta is prepared to maintain its business activities while coping with the effects of COVID-19 for at least the next few years. Amidst today’s "new normal," our determination to support people in their work and daily lives is stronger than ever. The entire Konica Minolta Group is committed to working together to accelerate business transformation and overcome every challenge in our way.

Solving Social and Environmental Issues under the Medium-Term Business Plan SHINKA 2019

We have been implementing our Medium-Term Business Plan SHINKA 2019 for the last three years now, seeking to become a digital company with deep insight into implicit challenges customers face. Working to help our customers transform workflows, we have focused on enhancing the workplace motivation of their people and helping to resolve the issues confronting the broader society.
The Konica Minolta Group has been providing new solutions that address social issues in a number of fields. Konica Minolta's Workplace Hub, for example, supports diverse work styles at our corporate clients while boosting productivity and creativity. Meanwhile, our bio-healthcare business is helping to deliver precision medicine. Improving quality of life for both caregivers and care recipients, our HitomeQ Care Support service is streamlining workflows for caregivers. In yet another field, our gas monitoring solution makes gas leaks visible at plants using non-contact, remote-monitoring technology, thereby preventing accidents and helping to ensure the safety and security of urban areas.
Konica Minolta has also been addressing the urgent crisis of global climate change. The scope of participants in our “Carbon Minus” program has grown to include not only our corporate clients and suppliers, but also companies in other industries. I am delighted to see this Environmental Digital Platform facilitating the sharing of environmental expertise across Japanese industry.

Long-Term Management Vision for 2030

We have announced our long-term management vision for 2030. The purpose of creating the vision was to provide a clear image of what we want the Company to be in 10 years, well beyond the end of the pandemic, and then to backcast to determine what we need to do now as a group to fulfill the vision.
In drawing up the long-term management vision, we thoroughly discussed the question,“Ten years from now, what will the Company’s reason for being be?” We noted that, since the very beginning, we have been working to satisfy the needs of customers around the world. Our focus has been on image inputting, outputting and processing, leveraging the expertise we developed in the camera and photo businesses. Imaging technology is at the heart of our identity, our DNA. By further developing that DNA and fulfilling people’s desire to “visualize the invisible” in various ways, we can improve fulfillment in work and corporate dynamism at our corporate clients.
In all of this, we seek to help build a sustainable world. Our discussions led us to a clear conclusion: our reason for being is supporting the human quest for purpose in life and contributing to global sustainability. These two ideas are encompassed in our management vision statement, “Imaging to the People.”

Our reason for being

Management Vision for 2030

How We Will Deliver on Our Management Vision: “B-to-B to P-for-P”

We will move from a “business-to-business” model to become a company of “professionals for people” in order to achieve our management vision. We call this our “B-to-B to P-for-P” approach. We aspire to be about so much more than providing B-to-B products and services. We want to support the transformation of people (the “professionals”) working at our diverse corporate clients in fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, and caregiving. By increasing the productivity and creativity of these frontline professionals, we will ultimately enrich the lives of consumers and end users (the “people”). We will implement this “B-to-B to P-for-P” approach, leveraging the imaging technology from all of our business areas to solve workplace issues, thereby helping to build a society where people can feel happier and lead more fulfilling lives.

The B-to-B to P-for-P approach for achieving our long-term management vision

Identifying Material Issues for Konica Minolta

To ultimately achieve our management vision, Konica Minolta must first anticipate how the world will likely change, and what social issues will become critical. In developing our long-term vision, we forecasted what the key social issues will be a decade from now. Among them, we identified the five issues with the greatest importance to Konica Minolta, and defined the corresponding social value we will provide to help resolve them. These five material issues represent opportunities for Konica Minolta to capitalize on its intangible assets to provide a great deal of value to the world. Thus, we designed our vision for 2030 to address each of these five issues, setting the medium- to long-term course for how Konica Minolta will create value.
We then devised a three-year medium-term management strategy by backcasting from the vision for 2030. Going forward, we intend to set KPIs for each of the five material issues from the perspectives of social/environmental value and economic value. The first will be an indicator of social and environmental value that quantifies the impact of our efforts to help solve social and environmental issues. The second will be an indicator of economic value that quantifies the contributions these activities make to revenue. By incorporating these KPIs into the plans of each business division, we will drive both business growth and sustainability.

Positioning Sustainability at the Core of Management

Since becoming president six years ago, I have made sustainability initiatives an integral part of the Company's management and business strategies. My management approach is based on my conviction that helping to build a sustainable world will also lead to sustainable growth for Konica Minolta. Since the business integration of Konica and Minolta in 2003, the Company has been seeking to create new value by addressing social issues as the basic strategy for business and corporate growth. This approach has permeated the entire Konica Minolta Group. Our employees fully embrace our 6 Values, and based on that awareness, they take the appropriate action independently. This corporate culture is a major strength for Konica Minolta.
Our new long-term management vision and five material issues have made Konica Minolta's path to the future even more clear — we must continue to help solve diverse social and environmental challenges.
Konica Minolta will support the human quest for purpose in life and contribute to global sustainability. That is how we will continually improve our corporate value. I invite you to follow our progress in the coming months and years.

Shoei Yamana
President and CEO
Konica Minolta, Inc.
November 2020

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