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Process for Identifying Material Issues

The companies of today must address a wide range of social issues, including human rights, labor ethics, and environmental challenges such as climate change and resource depletion. In light of the changing social landscape and business environment, Konica Minolta identifies material issues to address with priority, with the aim of ensuring that its initiatives function with a balance between social issues and business objectives.
To identify material issues, first a comprehensive list of issues was created with reference to international guidelines. These issues were given a quantitative rating for two aspects, "stakeholder interest" (materiality to stakeholders) and "impact on the Group's business" (materiality to the company's business), to verify their materiality. Outside experts were asked for their opinions in order to incorporate objectivity into the decisions on the materiality of each issue, which were validated by a meeting attended by executive officers, thereby completing the process for identifying material issues.
Targets and action plans will be established in accordance with these material issues, and action will be taken. This approach will help to ensure that Konica Minolta contributes to the resolution of social challenges, thereby enhancing its competitiveness as a company.

Identification of Material Issues

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